The Polonio

Acquired by the Stanford University, Yale University, University of Delaware, and University of Michigan.

Perfect for students of Anthropology, Psychology, Latin American Studies, South American Studies, Spanish, and Woman’s Studies.

The Polonio takes viewers to a magical place that is no fairy tale—a small town on an isolated beach of Uruguay, that has no electricity or running water and only 60 residents in the winter.



The documentary follows Natalia, a woman troubled by the death of her child. She moves to Polonio to heal, but her mental illness and lack of resources do not improve her situation. A beautifully shot anthropological study of grief and a remote community at the end of the world.

“The extreme natural beauty juxtaposed with dramatic stories, filmed in a way that permits analysis. Natalia goes to therapy, takes pills, listens to Maharishi and is filled with a sadness that is reflected in the harsh landscape.” ~ Miguel Frias, Clarin Newspaper.

“The Polonio” has been in the official selection of more than 11 international film festivals, including the 26th annual Mar del Plata Film Festival, 27th International Latino Film Festival of Trieste, Italy and the Young Artist World Event, UK.

Director team Daiana Rosenfeld and Anibal Garisto are two of Argentina’s youngest rising documentary stars who explore complex topics with patience and understanding.